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20. Eric Bischoff Discusses Shane McMahon’s Helicopter Incident & Recalls A Similar Incident That Happened With Him When He Was A Pilot

During a recent edition of Bischoff on Wrestling podcast, former WCW President Eric Bischoff discussed Shane McMahon’s Helicopter incident and recalled a similar incident that happened with him when he was a pilot. Below are the highlights:

On Shane McMahon’s emergency helicopter landing:
“I saw the news interview with Shane just about twenty minutes ago. Let’s be clear, this was not a helicopter crash it was a forced landing. There is a big difference between a crash and a forced landing. I am really grateful that Shane is fine. It had to be harrowing. In the interview that I saw Shane, in typical McMahon fashion, didn’t sell it too much. I don’t know Shane real well. I know him well enough to know he loves his wife and children and I am sure that in a situation like that that you know you will be doing a forced landing… particularly into the water in a helicopter… he had to be thinking a lot about his kids. I can only imagine what that was like. Thank God he is okay. Glad to see that. Only Shane McMahon could find a way to top Hell in a Cell.”

On a similar incident that happened with him when he was a pilot:
“I was a pilot. I haven’t flown in a few years but I was a pilot and had my own plane, my instrument rating and did a lot of cross country flying. I was involved in a situation not similar to Shane’s, but I had to do a forced landing, an emergency landing, in the fog in what’s called “icing conditions”. Completely by use of instruments. I couldn’t break out of the fog and didn’t see the ground due to cloud cover until I was about fifty feet over the runway. I had some equipment issues so when I finally broke the clouds and saw the runway all I saw was firetrucks lined up from one end to the other. When you have family it changes things. I can tell you that once I got on the ground, and got my family off the plane, there is a sense of calm that takes over.”

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