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On Saturday, July 14, 1984, Vince McMahon’s World Wrestling Federation took over the time slot on Superstation WTBS that had been home to Georgia Championship Wrestling (GCW) and its flagship weekly program, World Championship Wrestling, for 12 years. McMahon’s purchase led to a longstanding rivalry between himself and WTBS owner Ted Turner, who later bought GCW’s successor, Jim Crockett Promotions, and formed his own company under the World Championship Wrestling name. Hosted by Freddie Miller, McMahon replaced the exciting, Gordon Solie-hosted studio wrestling with matches from their syndicated programs, All-Star (Maple Leaf) Wrestling and Championship Wrestling, as well as matches from house shows in arenas across North America. This translated into a ratings disaster for WTBS, who insisted that McMahon produce a wrestling program with matches originating from Georgia. In March 1985, in the weeks leading up to the original Wrestlemania, the name of the program reverted back to Georgia Championship Wrestling and was hosted by Freddie Miller and Gorilla Monsoon with matched taped at WTBS studios in Atlanta, GA. This experiment lasted until April, when McMahon sold his WTBS time slots to Jim Crockett. Prior to this, WWF was one of three wrestling promotions airing on WTBS, as Ole Anderson’s Championship Wrestling from Georgia and Bill Watt’s Mid South Wrestling were given time slots on the superstation.

WWF – 1984/07/14 – “BLACK SATURDAY” (WWE 24-7)
Black Saturday is the name given by wrestling fans on July 14, 1984, when Vince McMahon and his World Wrestling Federation took over the Saturday night time slots on Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) that had been home to Georgia Championship Wrestling.
01. Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdoch vs. Nick DiCarlo & SD Jones
02. Jesse Ventura vs. Chris Curtis
03. Iron Sheik vs. Ron Hutchison
04. John Studd vs. Bobo Brazil
Running Time: 45 minutes – Source: SAT TV

1. Show begins with an introduction of the morning’s show by Vince McMahon Jr.
2. WWF Tag Team Champions: Adrian Adonis & Dick Murdock v. S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones & Nick DeCarlo
3. Interview between “Mean” Gene Okerlund and George “the Animal” Steel w/ Mr. Fuji
4. Jesse “the Body” Ventura v. Chris Curtis
5. Int – B. Brian Blair
6. Int – Alexis Smirnoff
7. The Iron Sheik (w/ Ayatollah Fred Blassie) v. Ron Hutcheson
8. Big John Studd vs. Bobo Brazil
9. Interview between “Mean” Gene Okerlund & “Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff on why he calls himself Mr. Wonderful”

WWF ON TBS 7/15/84
1. Hulk Hogan v. Jerry Valiant
2. Int – Magnificent Muraco & Mr. Fuji
3. Bob Orton v. Terry Daniels
4. George “The Animal” Steele v. Steve Lombardi
5. Hulk Hogan & Andre the Giant v. Murdoch, Adonis & Big John Studd

WWF ON TBS 8/4/84
1. Spoiler v. jobber
2. Wild Samoans v. Rene Goulet & Bobby Parliament (The Samoans are babyfaces now.)
3. Kamala v. jobber
4. Int – Ken Patera
5. Nikolai Volkoff v. SD Jones
6. Int – Lou Albano & Fabulous Moolah

WWF ON TBS 9/29/84
WWF on TBS, World Championship Wrestling from Sept 1984
Sgt. Slaughter is the guest host alongside Freddie Miller
Brutus Beefcake vs. Salvatore Bellomo
Nikolai Volkoff vs. Chief Jay Strongbow
Junkyard Dog Interview
WWF IC Champ Tito Santana Interview
Ken Patera vs. Rick McGraw
Andre the Giant Interview
David Schultz vs. SD Jones
Greg Valentine vs. Jose Luis Rivera

WWF ON TBS 12/22/84
1. JYD v. Bobby Bass
2. Iron Shiek v. jobber
3. Ken Patera & Big John Studd v. Bob & Joe Marcus
4. Moondogs v. jobbers
5. Mike Rotundo v. Rene Goulet
6. Spoiler v. Tony Atlas

WWF ON TBS 1/5/85
1. Nikolai Volkoff v. Bob Marcus
2. Int – Iron Sheik
3. Blackjack Mulligan v. jobber
4. Andre the Giant & SD Jones v. Ken Patera & Big John Studd (After the match, STUDD & PATERA SHAVE ANDRE’S HEAD!)
5. Tito Santana v. Bobby Bass
6. Hulk Hogan v. Terry Gibbs
7. Moondogs v. jobbers
8. Greg Valentine v. jobber

WWF ON TBS 1/6/85
1. Windham & Rotundo v. Charlie Fulton & Rusty Brooks
2. Int – Bobby Heenan & Big John Studd
3. Murdoch & Adonis v. Sal Bellomo & Paul Roma
4. Tito Santana v. jobber
5. Int – Blackjack Mulligan
6. Ken Patera & Andre the Giant v. jobbers
7. Blackjack Reynolds v. jobber
8. Int – JYD
9. JYD v. Rusty Brooks

WWF ON TBS 1/19/85
1. Jack & Jerry Brisco v. jobbers
2. Windham & Rotundo v. jobbers
3. Ken Patera & Big JonStudd v. jobbers
4. Hulk Hogan v. Johnny Rodz
5. Pipers Pit – Tito Santana
6. George Wells v. jobbers
7. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. jobbers

WWF ON TBS 1/20/85
1. JYD v. Terry Gibbs
2. Paul Orndorff v. jobber
3. Tony Atlas v. jobber
4. Big John Studd v. jobber
5. Int – Andre the Giant & Blackjack Mulligan
6. Jimmy Snuka v. jobber
7. Ivan Putski v. jobber
8. Moondogs v. jobbers

WWF ON TBS 2/2/85
1. JYD v. jobber
2. Paul Orndorff & Bob Orton v. jobber
3. Int – Roddy Piper
4. Tito Santana v. AJ Petruzzi
5. Windham & Rotundo v. Rene Goulet & Moondog Rex
6. Int – Jimmy Snuka
7. Jimmy Snuka v. jobber
8. David Sammartino v. jobber
9. Swede Hansen v. Magnificent Muraco

WWF ON TBS 3/2/85
1. Mr. Wrestling II v. Tony Russo
2. Aldo Montoya v. Les Thornton
3. Jimmy Snuka v. jobber
4. Ken Patera v. jobber
5. Windham & Rotundo v. jobbers
6. Bret Hart v. Chance Meyers (YES THAT BRET HART!)
7. Int – Hulk Hogan & Mr. T
8. Moondog Spot v. jobber (Mr. T is at ringside during the match.)
9. King Kong Bundy v. jobber
10. Ivan Putski v. Butcher Pal Vachon
11. Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff v. SD Jones & Swede Hanson

WWF ON TBS 3/9/85
1. Mr. Wrestling II v. Tony Russo
2. Playboy Buddy Rose v. Hollywood Brown
3. SD Jones v. jobber
4. Greg Valentine v. jobber
5. Windham & Rotundo v. jobbers
6. Ricky Steamboat v. jobber
7. Leilani Kai v. Winona Littleheart
8. Nikolai Volkoff & Iron Sheik v. jobbers
9. Ivan Putski v. jobber
10. Brutus Beefcake v. jobber
11. George Wells v. jobber

WWF ON TBS 3/16/85
1. Mr. Wrestling II v. jobber
2. Tito Santana v. jobber
3. King Kong Bundy v. 2 jobbers
4. Wendi Richter v. Donna Christianello
5. JYD v. Star Man
6. Big John Studd v. 2 jobbers
7. Jimmy Snuka v. jobber
8. Ken Patera v. jobber
9. Bret Hart v. jobber
10. Moondog Spot v. jobber
11. Rick McGraw v. Barry O
12. Bob Orton v. Swede Hansen
13. Ricky Steamboat & Jimmy Snuka v. Tony Russo & RT Reynolds (Snuka & Steamboat were a short lived team known as the South Pacific Connection.)

WWF ON TBS 3/25/85
1. JYD v. Snake Brown
2. Roddy Piper & Paul Orndorff v. Jim Young & Hollywood Brown
3. British Bulldogs v. jobbers
4. Mr. Wrestling II v. Star Man
5. King Kong Bundy v. 2 jobbers
6. Greg Valentine v. Aldo Marino
7. Ricky Steamboat v. jobber
8. David Sammartino v. Tony Russo
9. Iron Sheik & Nilolai Volkoff v. Jobbers
10. Brutus Beefcake v. jobber

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