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WWF Veteran On Why The Entire Locker Room Helped Getting Stone Cold Steve Austin Over During The Attitude Era

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While being interviewed by Wrestling Inc, Old School WWF Veteran Al Snow spoke on the importance of a wrestling locker room doing everything to get certain stars over.

Al Snow explained how the entire WWF locker room got behind Stone Cold Steve Austin during the famous Attitude Era, as they knew his rising popularity would benefit them as well.

Here’s what Al said:

“We’ve all got to make that decision to help him because the more he goes to the top and the more of an attraction he becomes, the more overall the money comes into the arena, and the more money all of us make together.”

Snow then explained why a pro wrestler should always put over a younger talent on his way out:

“He’s a product, he has a shelf life, and he’s going to have a run, and now we’ve got to find the next thing that we need to put up on the shelf, and that’s how a healthy promotion should operate.”

Al then revealed that he hates the term ‘Doing The Job’ in wrestling:

“It doesn’t work unless you truly understand the intrinsic things about professional wrestling from the business side, of knowing when it’s a particular talent’s time, and now every other talent on the roster have to be willing to take a step back to elevate that one talent.”

Al Snow’s WWF run during the Attitude Era was nothing short of bizarre and entertaining. Best known for his partnership with a mannequin head named ‘Head’, Al Snow brought a unique brand of madness to the ring. His antics, including talking to and wrestling with the mannequin head, captured the essence of the over-the-top and edgy entertainment that defined the Attitude Era.

While not a top-tier superstar, Al Snow’s offbeat character and willingness to embrace the unconventional made him a memorable and beloved figure among wrestling fans during that wild era of professional wrestling.

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