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WWF Veteran Wants To Face The Undertaker At WrestleMania 35

Undertaker WrestleMania 34

The Undertaker is no doubt the most respectable person in the pro wrestling world. He still continues to entertain fans today, like he has been doing for almost three decades. Fans still love to watch him whenever he steps into the ring. One former WWF wrestler is looking to return to the company to compete against The Deadman at next year’s WrestleMania 35.

PCO (Pierre Carl Ouellet of The Quebecers) is the one who wants to face The Deadman. He is a former WWF Tag Team Champion and was also the WCW Hardcore Champion at one point. The 50 year old made his return to the ring back in 2016, competing on the Indy circuit.

PCO took to his Twitter account to reveal that he wants to gain some more momentum by facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania 35 with PCO’s manager Destro in his corner.

PCO has been quite successful since returning. It won’t be a surprise if WWE calls him back. But a match against The Undertaker (especially at WrestleMania) looks tough.

As we noted before, The Undertaker returned to in-ring competition for the third time this year at this Saturday night’s WWE Live Event at Madison Square Garden.

While the majority of the fans were delighted by seeing Taker’s performance, there’s one man who wasn’t so happy by seeing The Undertaker compete again – WWE Hall of Famer “Superstar” Billy Graham.

Yes, this isn’t the first time that Graham has been critical of The Undertaker’s decision to continue his wrestling career after getting a hip replacement and since The Undertaker will be wrestling more matches this year, this certainly won’t be the last time you’ll see Graham being critical of ‘The Phenom’ again.

Below is what Graham wrote on Facebook about The Undertaker’s performance at MSG:

WWE at Madison Square Garden

“Well fans, I can promise you that the crowed reaction at the Garden last night, 7/7/2018, was nothing like the crowd reaction in 1977 in the photo below (him and Bruno Sammartino). Sadly, It is time for The Undertaker to call it a career, with all due respect to the man of course. If you go to (video below) like I did, you will see a 30 second clip of The Deadman giving Kevin Owens the Tombstone Piledriver. It looks like he was having trouble holding Owens up. The crowd reaction from what I could see on such a short clip was “polite” to say it the best I can.

The Taker is 53, has been in what, 25 or so manias ? How many years does it take for a man to know that enough is enough ? The answer my friend, is not blowing in the wind, it’s on video. Taker also looked to be limping a bit. I am a man who knows about hips and wrestling. They don’t go together. I predict here and now that if he keeps going he will blow out his new hip replacement. Anyone see this match on the WWE network ? Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the Undertaker and his continued wrestling ?

Some real thoughts please, not, “well it is up to him” stuff, as I already know that. S.B.G.”

Below is the video that Graham was referring to:

What The Undertaker did there is reposition Owens to have a better grip and make sure Owens’ head doesn’t get slammed onto the mat and Taker has been doing this for a few years now.

While Graham did have a valid point when he noted how the crowd reaction was no where near to what it used to be in the good old days, but watch the video below and tell us when was the last time you’ve seen crowds go crazy at ‘live events’ in the current PG era like this?

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