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“You’re watching her matches because something’s gonna pop out” – WWF Veteran On Tiffany Stratton’s Ring Gear

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Below are a couple of top WWE news stories of the day, involving Tiffany Stratton and Liv Morgan.

• On The Wrestling Outlaws podcast, former WWF & WCW writer Vince Russo said that Tiffany Stratton doesn’t get heel heat because of her revealing ring gear.

Here’s what the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion said about what Stratton needs to do:

“Bro, let’s be honest, she wears less clothes out there than anybody on the roster. Way less. Way less to the fact that you’re watching her matches because something’s gonna pop out. Bro, guys ain’t gonna boo that!

Right there, if she really wanted to get heat, the first thing she’s gonna do is cover that sh*t up! ‘You’re gonna have to pay! You wanna see this, man? You’re gonna have to pay top dollar’. That gets her heat.”

• Before she joined WWE, Liv Morgan used to work at Hooters. During an interview on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, Liv revealed how this Hooters job led her to WWE:

“Everyone at Hooters knew I loved wrestling. I’d be doing my bar shifts, I’d put WWE on the TV… everybody knew it was my thing. Before my time [at Hooters] there was a wrestler, who will not be named, who used to manage this specific Hooters.

Me being the big WWE fan that I was, I saw this wrestler come into Hooters and I knew who they were exactly and I introduced myself. I talked to this wrestler for a while and I was like ‘I want to wrestle!’ And they were like ‘Haha, yeah’. And I just spit all my wrestling knowledge to them and ‘Okay, you really do love wrestling’.

So they introduced me to this man Joe DeFranco. He’s a world-renowned strength and conditioning coach. He only trains professional athletes and he actually trained Triple H on a weekly basis so I went to his gym and he threw me right in with his NFL guys.”

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