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2 More Names (Giants) Released From WWE

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UPDATE: 17 Wrestlers Have Been Released From WWE Now

As we reported earlier, there are going to be mass releases in WWE today. 2 More names have been released now and they are 7-foot-tall giants: Shanky and Dabba-Kato (aka Commander Azeez / Babatunde).

Below is the updated list of today’s releases:

– Dolph Ziggler

– Mustafa Ali

– Emma

– Rick Boogs

– Aliyah

– Elias

– Riddick Moss

– Top Dolla

– Shelton Benjamin

– Dana Brooke

– Mace

– Mansoor

– Quincy Elliot

– Bryson Montana

– Dabba-Kato (aka Commander Azeez / Babatunde)

– Shanky

Sean Ross Sapp is reporting that all of these released superstars have 90-day non-compete clauses, which means they can’t sign with other promotions for the next 3 months, which basically means the rest of 2023.

Kurt Angle showed support for Shelton Benjamin by tweeting the following:

“Team Angle forever. Thank you Shelton for the memories, You’re truly a bada$$ 👊”

16-Time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena acknowledged what a workhorse Ziggler was, by tweeting the following:

“One thousand five hundred and fifty four matches. @HEELZiggler #Respect”

Below are the statements of some of the released names:

Elias: “From Drifting onto the scene..

To WrestleMania with John Cena & The Undertaker..

To Millions around the world for years Walking With Elias..

A #1 iTunes Album

& To being my own younger brother (ZEKE)

while traveling the world..

It’s been a blast.

God is Good!”

Shelton Benjamin: “I have been released from my WWE contract. I thank WWE staff, talent, and of course the fans for everything. Something ends, something new begins. Looking forward to my next chapter.”

Riddick Moss: “Well I did it – I graduated from WWE. I know a lot of people think my career really took a downturn once Mr. Levesque (Triple H) took over, but, in actuality, my per match fee skyrocketed through the roof. Other promoters, get ready to back the brinks truck up.”

Mustafa Ali: “I am longer working with WWE. I look forward to the future. Thank you.”

Quincy Elliot: “No Longer with WWE. Let the Celebration Begin.”

Mace: “After almost 10 years of making something out of nothing I’m excited to spread my wings and be myself for the first time. Let’s take this anime reference to the next level. STEP INTO THE GRAND TOUR.”

Earlier today, when WWE announced that Elimination Chamber 2024 will take place in Perth, Australia, Emma (who is from Australia) was very happy and tweeted:

“A dream.”

After her release, she tweeted:

“Oops nevermind. I just got released… I am no longer with WWE.”

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