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2 WWE Hall Of Famers Are Not Happy With Wyatt Sick6 Breaking Character Right After Their Debut

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The wrestling world has been buzzing about The Wyatt Sick6, who made a dramatic debut on RAW by attacking several WWE wrestlers and staff. The stable, consisting of Bo Dallas, Nikki Cross, Dexter Lumis, Joe Gacy, and Erick Rowan, celebrated their debut by grabbing Whataburger and taking a photo with a fan.

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WWE Hall of Famers Mark Henry & Bubba Ray Dudley expressed their disapproval of the photo on Busted Open Radio. Henry suggested that he would have fined the members for breaking kayfabe, emphasizing the importance of maintaining their characters.

“I’m disappointed because of the business,” Henry said. “How much money the company spends to invest in that product that they’re creating this Wyatt Sick6, and you go to f**king Whataburger and take a picture with a fan… You never see the Bogeyman walk through the airport without a gimmick on. There’s a certain level of professionalism when you play a character or gimmick, that you don’t go backward. They’re just now starting to get their foothold.”

Bubba Ray compared the incident to seeing Kiss without their makeup, expressing his preference for an old-school approach to maintaining character continuity.

“I know we live in a different day and age,” Bubba said. “But on the very night that you debut, to all come together for one picture and let the world know, like, ‘Hi, we’re just regular people like you eating Whataburger. There’s nothing really scary about us.’ Maybe it’s us, Mark. Maybe we’re too old school. But I’ll take old school over new school any day of the week, because at least old school protects our industry.”

Speaking of Wyatt Sick6, Jim Cornette said the following about this faction on his podcast:

“AEW looks like a goddamn serious production next to this sh*t.

[This is what Tony Khan needed. This is the best thing that happened to Tony since Vince McMahon was forced out.] Yeah, another unforced error. What is this?

If you’re gonna do a horror movie then make a horror movie. But as I mentioned earlier with the Rolling Stones concert, don’t break into Hamlet in the middle because there may be an audience for each but they didn’t come to see the same thing both at the same time.”

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