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3 Wrestlers Released From WWE

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According to Fightful Select, NXT stars Alexis Lete, Alivia Ash and Giovanna Eburneo have been released from WWE.

Giovanna posted a video to talk about her release from the company.

Below are the highlights of the main things she talked about:

– She attempted to join WWE in 2017, initially facing rejection but was later offered another tryout during the pandemic. She signed a contract with WWE but faced challenges upon moving to Orlando, including a traumatic incident at a mall shooting.

– Living expenses in Orlando were higher than expected, and she encountered difficulties with language barriers and a lack of support within the company.

– Her anxiety escalated, and she experienced physical symptoms, including a head injury during training. Despite expressing concerns about her health, WWE allegedly did not provide adequate support or medical examination. Giovanna’s mental and physical health continued to decline, leading her to believe she was being followed and drugged.

– She left WWE, citing concerns for her safety and well-being. She discovered an unknown tracker in her belongings, filed a police report, and hopes to uncover the person responsible.

– WWE made multiple offers for her return, but Giovanna declined, prioritizing her safety and mental health. She expressed gratitude for fan support and regretted not being able to fulfill her dream in WWE.

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