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5 Most Watched WWE TV Segments Of 2023 Revealed

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Below are the WWE segments which drew the most viewership on TV in the US in 2023:

1. Trial of Roman Reigns: 3.07 Million

2. Roman Reigns’ 1,000 Day Championship Celebration: 2.90 Million

3. Tribute to Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk: 2.89 Million

4. The Rock’s Return: 2.80 Million

5. Trial of Sami Zayn in Tribal Court: 2.77 Million

Below are the average US viewership numbers of segments of current champions in 2023:

1. Roman Reigns (Undisputed WWE Universal Champion): 2.50 Million

2. IYO SKY (WWE Women’s Champion): 2.13 Million

3. Rhea Ripley (Women’s World Champion): 1.90 Million

4. Logan Paul (United States Champion): 1.81 Million

5. Gunther (Intercontinental Champion): 1.80 Million

6. Seth Rollins (World Heavyweight Champion): 1.69 Million

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