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“$50 Million Lawsuit” – Eric Bischoff On The Issue AEW Might Face If They Fire ‘Disgruntled Piece Of Sh*t’ Named CM Punk

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• “$50 Million Lawsuit” – Eric Bischoff On The Issue AEW Might Face If They Fire ‘Disgruntled Piece Of Sh*t’ Named CM Punk

Tony Khan and AEW is dealing with a backstage mess right now, after a fight broke out between CM Punk and AEW EVPs The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) backstage after the All Out 2022 pay-per-view.

AEW Producer Ace Steel and AEW EVP Kenny Omega were also involved in that fight.

According to former WCW President Eric Bischoff, All Elite Wrestling could end up in a lot of trouble if they decide to fire Punk over this fight.

Below is what Bischoff said on his 83 Weeks podcast:

“If they do [fire CM Punk], it’s just a guess having been involved in litigation that they’re keeping him around until they can determine – they meaning AEW – that from a legal perspective, they are bulletproof.

Otherwise, you got this disgruntled piece of sh*t named CM Punk…and now, you’ve got AEW that has two Executive Vice Presidents because that’s what the Young Bucks are, involved in a physical confrontation with a disgruntled piece of sh*t who now has a torn tricep.

I submit that perhaps he got that torn tricep stuffing his f**king face with twinkies in that scrum. But you’ve got a potential legal issue on your hands, and a big one.

If Punk can maintain he was hurt inside of the ring, then there was a physical confrontation and now he’s gotta have surgery and may not be able to wrestle again, and oh by the way, he’s making millions of dollars a year.

If he can’t wrestle again, some attorney is gonna say, ‘he had at least 10 solid years left in his career because look at Chris Jericho, look at this guy who is over 50 years old.’

So, it’s about a $50 million lawsuit. That’s gonna be a mess. If they keep him around and don’t fire him, it’s because they’re trying to navigate that. That’s my guess.”

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