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A Rare Pic Of The Undertaker With His Mother

The Undertaker has been very protective of his character over the years and hardly breaks kayfabe. In the world of ever growing Internet where almost all wrestlers and Legends are on Twitter to interact with the fans, The Undertaker believes in maintaining the authenticity of his gimmick & is no where to be found.

This is what makes The Undertaker’s gimmick very special and the greatest gimmick of all time without a shadow of doubt. The Undertaker is also known for his loyalty. He signed with the World Wrestling Federation in 1990 and has been with the company ever since. When wrestler were leaving WWF to head to WCW, Taker stayed with WWF through the hard times and eventually helped the company to rise to the top.

He will complete 25 years with the company this November and is WWE’s longest tenured performer. Below is a very rare pic of The Undertaker with his mother:

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