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A Top WWE Star Is Angry At Triple H

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The aftermath of the WWE Royal Rumble 2024 premium live event has been overshadowed by serious allegations against Vince McMahon, as former WWE employee Janel Grant accused him of $ex trafficking and other equally disturbing activities.

During the post-show press conference, Chief Content Officer Triple H faced criticism for his response, which focused on positive aspects such as the Rumble’s commercial success, a new deal with Netflix, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson joining the TKO Board.

Triple H’s deflective approach received a mixed reaction from fans and the mainstream press, especially when compared to Cody Rhodes’ more direct response minutes earlier. However, it seems that even a top WWE talent itself was displeased with how Triple H addressed the serious accusations against the company’s former Chairman.

The Wrestling Observer provided insights into the behind-the-scenes reactions to HHH’s response and the allegations made in Grant’s lawsuit. One top WWE star, speaking anonymously, expressed skepticism about Triple H’s claims during the press conference and the potential for TKO to ‘clean house’ in response to the allegations.

“He’s the f’n cerebral assassin, best politicking dude in history, literally wormed his way from a green, entry-level wrestler into a (still, average wrestler) absolute top of the office, executive, you think he doesn’t pay attention to what’s going on around him?” said the unnamed WWE star. “Think he did that without knowing every little thing everywhere in that company? Yet somehow this slipped past his radar?”

This unamed star emphasized that if TKO starts cleaning house, it will be a substantial and challenging task. Another WWE talent reportedly criticized the idea that Triple H hadn’t read the lawsuit, suggesting that he would have to be living under a rock to have missed it.

According to The Observer, members of the WWE roster have expressed frustration about Triple H’s demeanor and response to the situation at the press conference. Notably, the women’s locker room reportedly experienced a significant emotional impact, describing the news as causing “a lot of trauma”. There is a fear that more women may come forward, escalating the situation further.

Regarding the lawsuit, another talent shared that its contents were emotionally scarring, highlighting the perceived lack of concern from Vince McMahon for the well-being of the talents. This talent stated, “Vince made so many of us feel small and awful. We all had to obey his abuse in order to keep our jobs.”

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