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AEW Cancels 2 Weekly Shows

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AEW had two YouTube shows: Dark & Dark: Elevation. Both of them are coming to an end.

Dark: Elevation also aired on FITE TV, which had the following description for the final episode:

“The Special and final episode of Elevation – it’s Best of Elevation airing on FITE! The episode is throwing it back to some of the best matches that have graced our Monday nights over the years!”

According to Andrew Zarian, All Elite Wrestling canceled their YouTube shows because of their new deal with Warner Brothers Discovery ahead of the debut of their new Saturday night TV Show, AEW Collision:

“AEW Dark and Dark Elevation have ended for the time being. This in part has to do with AEW signing a new deal for AEW Collision to air on Saturdays.

Part of the new deal is that AEW Wrestling content will exclusively air on WBD. As of today, this doesn’t include ROH.”

AEW Collision is rumored to debut on June 17 and word going on is that CM Punk will return on that night, as the show is in Chicago.

The Wrestling Observer reported that AEW will make at least $52 million per year from this new 2-hour TV show.

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