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AEW Commentator Jim Ross Reveals What He Texted Vince McMahon After WrestleMania 36

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On this day in Pro Wrestling history on April 12, 1997, Jerry Jarrett’s & Jerry “The King” Lawler’s United States Wrestling Association aired an episode of their weekly TV Show.

The show featured pre-taped matches and interviews including several USWA Wrestlers.

1997 was the last year of the USWA territory, before its successor Memphis Power Pro Wrestling took over.

At this point, the USWA was sort of a developmental promotion for the World Wrestling Federation

Here’s the card:

– Jerry Faith & Troy Hayes vs. Truth Commission (Recon & Interrogator)

– Tank vs. Steven Dunn

– Steve Boz vs. “Moviestar” Mike Samples

– Brakus vs. “Joltin” Bobby Bolton

– Keith Roberson vs. “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher

• AEW Commentator Jim Ross Reveals What He Texted Vince McMahon After WrestleMania 36

During a recent interview with 411 Mania, WWE Hall of Famer & current AEW commentator Jim Ross talked about the success of WrestleMania 36 and texting Vince McMahon after the event.

Below is what Good Ol’ JR said:

“Vince and I are friends today, we were friends 25 years ago. I was with him for over a quarter of a century.

You don’t dissolve a friendship simply because you lose the employ of one. I wanted to get back on the air, and the WWE at that time did not have a place for me to get back on the air on a regular basis.

Look, we don’t communicate regularly, when we do it’s normally by text, but I have great respect for Vince McMahon, and for 25 years, he gave me a lot of money to do my job, and some days are better than others, I’ll just say that. But all it was was a microcosm of life, some days are simply better than others.

So I still have a great respect for Vince, I texted him my congratulations on the success of WrestleMania, because I thought it was, by in large, an artistic miracle that they were able to do what they did in the environment that they were operating in.”

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