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AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 (Live Coverage) – Part 9

CM Punk defeats Hangman Adam Page AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 WrestleFeed App

This is part 9 of our AEW Double Or Nothing 2022 live coverage (part 8 is here).

Up next is the main event of the evening and it is for the AEW World Championship.

CM Punk made his way out first, followed by the champion, “Hangman” Adam Page.

The match begins they get in each other’s face twice, and then started trading hard chops.

This is Punk’s 1st AEW PPV main event.

Hangman hit Punk with a Moonsault from the top rope to the outside. He hurt his knee during this move (storyline wise).

Hangman goes for his finisher, but his knees gives out. Punk counters and locks in the Sharpshooter. Page manages to reach the bottom rope.

Punk goes for Hangman’s finisher, Buckshot Lariat, but he botches. Page picks him up for the GTS, but Punk goes out of it.

Punk goes for Page’s finisher again and botches again! The crowd is booing Punk.

Page hits a powerbomb on Punk and his tights come down and remain down, and the referee pulls it up.

Hangman hits Punk with a GTS and goes for the cover, but Punk kicks out.

Page’s knee is hurting. Page picks up his Title and says Punk will never have this.

Adam is going for his finisher, but Punk counters and picks him up for the GTS. While doing this, the referee went down after being hit in the head with Hangman’s legs.

Punk fails to hit the GTS and Adam laid him out with a Lariat.

Adam is looking to attack Punk with his Title belt while the referee is down.

However, Adam refuses to do it and goes for the Buckshot Lariat, but Punk counters and hits the GTS for the win.

CM Punk def. “Hangman” Adam Page to win the AEW World Championship

CM Punk Wins The AEW World Championship Emotional Face Crying Double Or Nothing 2022 WrestleFeed App

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