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AEW Personality Says Sheamus Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of Heels Getting Their A$$ Kicked

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Attitude Era Veteran “Scotty 2 Hotty” Scott Taylor (Real name: Scott Garland) celebrates his 47th birthday today.

After working as a jobber on WWF TV during the early & mid 90s, Scott finally became a star during the Attitude Era as one half of the famous Tag Team ‘Too Cool’ (originally called ‘Too Much’), alongside Jerry Lawler’s son, “Too Sexy” Brian Christopher.

He then wrestled for the – now renamed – World Wrestling Entertainment until 2007, including another successful Tag Team run with Rikishi in 2004.


• AEW Personality Says Sheamus Doesn’t Understand The Concept Of Heels Getting Their A$$ Kicked

While speaking to Conrad Thompson on the ARN podcast, WWE Hall Of Famer and AEW Head Coach Arn Anderson discussed the 2015 Money In The Bank pay-per-view and Sheamus’ in-ring work.

Below are the highlights:

Arn talked about Rusev and Sheamus: 

“Rusev is another guy that I pushed very hard for and had many conversations with because they tried to back off on it. The only reason they didn’t was because John (Cena) was in favor of it.

Rusev went for a year without getting beat. So the first time he got beat by Cena, it mattered and it meant something. The one mistake Sheamus does is that he is a good solid worker, but the art of being a heel is getting your a** kicked when it’s time. I mean taking a royal a** kicking.

You can do the bully stuff. You can do the snug stuff. You can overpower guys. That’s fine. But there comes a time in every match where you have to get your a** whipped. Your top heels know how to do that. When they get their a** kicked, it’s in a royal fashion. I don’t think Sheamus gets that concept.

He wants to get all his offense in, no matter what, whatever is in his mind for that night, no matter what the audience is giving him back or what it calls for. Sometimes you have to be really giving as a heel, even though you are this rugged, kick a** heel. You have to give them faith in that babyface. Once the heel overpowers the babyface to the point that the audience loses faith in them, forget it. The match is over.”

Arn disagrees on kicking out of each other’s finishers during the John Cena – Kevin Owens match: 

“They did so many bumps and so many big moves and so many big things just to get a pop, that they took all these big offensive moves and they neutered them. Now they are not finishers. Once you take some guy’s finish and you take the other guy’s moves on him, it’s confusing.

A lot of fans know what a guy’s offense is and a lot of them really don’t. It all runs together. If I’m doing all of Cena’s moves and he is doing all my moves to me, there is a large portion of that crowd that is going to be confused. Certainly, your neutering all those big offensive moves down to just high spots. Once they become high spots, you can’t go back and make them finishers again. Something is either a killshot or it’s not.”

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