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AEW Star Kiera Hogan Completely Exposes Her Butt

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Kiera Hogan is an American professional wrestler known for her work in various wrestling promotions, including IMPACT Wrestling (fka TNA Wrestling) and AEW (All Elite Wrestling).

Her real name is Kiera Hogan-Davila and she was born on September 16th 1994, in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. She developed an interest in wrestling at a young age and pursued her passion for the sport.

Kiera began her wrestling career on the independent circuit, honing her skills and gaining experience in various promotions. She gained attention for her high-energy style, vibrant personality, and colorful ring attire.

In 2017, Hogan started making appearances for IMPACT Wrestling, a prominent wrestling promotion known for its weekly television show and pay-per-view events. Her time in IMPACT Wrestling marked a significant step in her career.

IMPACT Wrestling Career

Kiera Hogan made her IMPACT Wrestling debut in 2017 and quickly became a notable part of the women’s division. She stood out with her unique look, fiery attitude, and engaging in-ring style. Over the years, she was involved in various storylines, feuds, and matches that showcased her wrestling abilities.

Hogan often aligned herself with other wrestlers and formed alliances within the IMPACT Wrestling roster. She also had rivalries with other female competitors, contributing to the depth of the women’s division within the promotion.

Her character development and charisma helped her stand out, making her a fan favorite among IMPACT Wrestling viewers. She continued to evolve her persona and skills, gaining more recognition in the wrestling community.

AEW Career

Kiera joined Tony Khan’s All Elite Wrestling promotion in 2021 and joined Jade Cargill’s stable “The Baddies”, which also includes Red Velvet.

Is Kiera Hogan related to Hulk Hogan?

No. Kiera Hogan is not a relative of Old School WWF/WCW Legend “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan.

When Kiera Hogan completely exposed her butt

While partying, Kiera once let everyone know how hot she is, when she wore a very revealing outfit. You can watch it below:

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