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AEW Superstar Calls Rosie O’Donnell A “Dumb Fat B*tch”

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• AEW Superstar Calls Rosie O’Donnell A “Dumb Fat B*tch”

In a recent interview with the ‘Game Marks Podcast’, AEW wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman revealed that he reached out to famous TV host Rosie O’Donnell for an interview, but had his request denied by her office.

MJF actually appeared on The Rosie O’Donnell Show when he was a kid, to sing the popular song ‘You are my sunshine’.

You can watch it below:

Here’s what the AEW Superstar had to say (100% in character):

“Rosie is a dumb fat b*tch. Keep that in, don’t edit it out. We tried to reach out to her several times. I would be giving her the rub by the way, not the other way around. She desperately needs the limelight right now. I’m on top of the world. We thought it would be interesting if we could have another interview while I’m on top of the world.

To my knowledge, her people declined, probably out of fear for me showing the world that she still owes me money from the last time I did an interview with her. I was never compensated. She stole money from a 5-year-old, who does that? Sickening. I got Shrek ears and a $25 coupon to Dunkin Donuts.”

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