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AEW Will Show CM Punk – Jack Perry Backstage Fight On Dynamite

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On last night’s episode of AEW Collision, All Elite Wrestling announced that The Young Bucks will show footage of the backstage fight between CM Punk and “Jungle Boy” Jack Perry from All In 2023 on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite.

This incident resulted in Perry getting suspended and Punk getting fired.

AEW Will Show CM Punk - Jack Perry Backstage Fight On Dynamite

According to the Wrestling Observer, AEW isn’t trolling and they are actually going to show what happened:

“It is 100%, they’re airing the footage. Tony (Khan) was very upset about CM Punk’s interview (on The MMA Hour). And apparently, I was told that he wanted to air this footage a long time ago. And for whatever reason, he did not.

And now, I guess because of the timing and the interview and what CM Punk said, he is going to air it.

And we’ve heard many sides of the story about what happened. We’re going to see Wednesday, but I think it’s safe to say that if it were the story that CM Punk told, I don’t know why Tony would air the footage.”

CM Punk’s issue with Jack Perry arose during the second episode of AEW Collision when Tony Schiavone approached Punk seeking assistance with Perry, who was upset and cursing at him, a producer, and the medical staff.

Perry expressed a desire to smash the windows of a retail car with a pipe. Despite being warned by the doctor about the dangers of breaking real glass, Perry remained defiant.

Punk intervened, informing Perry that such actions wouldn’t be permitted on Collision, with Punk emphasizing that the show belonged to him. He suggested that Perry could carry out his plan on AEW Dynamite instead.

Perry reluctantly agreed but later disregarded the warning and repeated the same action he had been cautioned against during AEW’s All In PPV in Wembley Stadium, followed by the remark “it’s real glass, cry me a river”.

Witnessing this, Punk urged Tony Khan to handle Perry, but when Khan failed to act, Punk took matters into his own hands.

Perry came to the back and asked Punk what he’s going to do about it. Punk said he did not punch anyone. He just choked someone a little.

Subsequently, Punk criticized Tony, calling him “a joke” and “a clown”, before quitting the company.

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