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AEW World Champion MJF Reacts To Reports Of WWE Being Sold

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• AEW World Champion MJF Reacts To Reports Of WWE Being Sold

Vince McMahon is back on the Board of Directors in WWE and he’s looking to potentially sell the company.

According to CNBC, WWE has hired JP Morgan to advise on a potential sale.

They also reported that if the sale actually happens, then it will happen in the next 3-6 months, because WWE has to start negotiating for TV rights deal in mid-2023, so they’ll have to make the sale decision before that.

Below is the list of companies that are potential buyers:

– Comcast


– Disney

– Warner Bros. Discovery

– Netflix

– Amazon

– Endeavor Group Holdings

– Liberty Media

In an update, Front Office Sports is reporting that Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund is “emerging as a possible bidder” for WWE.

WWE is already in a decade-long big money business relationship with Saudi Arabia, which began in 2018.

AEW World Champion MJF, who has teased joining WWE in 2024 several times when his contract with All Elite Wrestling expires, tweeted the following about this situation:

“I feel like I don’t talk enough about how much I love

– Comcast (NBC Universal)

– Fox

– Disney

– Warner Bros Discovery

– Netflix

– Amazon

– Endeavor Group Holdings


– Liberty Media”

A fan commented the following under MJF’s tweet:

“Sell out an arena first.”

MJF then replied:

“Been a part of multiple million dollar gates with me headlining.

But I know you just wanted me to respond so you’d be able to jerk off to the fact you interacted with a star. You’re welcome.”

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