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AEW Wrestler Recalls Ric Flair Blaming Him For Getting Arrested

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• AEW Wrestler Recalls Ric Flair Blaming Him For Getting Arrested

During a recent interview with Metro UK, AEW wrestler Jon Moxley, who worked for the WWE as Dean Ambrose between 2012 and 2019, told a great story about Old School WWF Legend “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, who worked for the company as a special attraction in several non-wrestling roles during those years.

Flair’s drinking & partying stories are legendary and haven’t really been all that different since the early 80s.

Here’s what Moxley said:

“Getting drunk with Ric Flair, he gets arrested at the airport and he’s walking round telling people I got him arrested at the airport. I’m like, ‘OK Ric! I wasn’t twisting your arm to order double Bloody Marys at 2:30 in the morning’.

I’m like, ‘I’m hanging out with Ric Flair, this is crazy, what kind of life am I living?’. I’ve been very blessed to transport myself into the universe that I watched and wondered over as kid. Sometimes I have to be like, ‘What the hell is going on? How did this become my life?’ But it’s pretty cool!

I walk into the hallway and see somebody I grew up watching on TV. It’s just a person you see every day, Jim Ross calls my matches every week, and sometimes I’m like, ‘That’s Jim f***ing Ross!’ Or I have a conversation with him, or see Sting walking around.”

You can watch Dean Ambrose brawl with Ric Flair in a WWE ring below:

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