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AEW Wrestler Says Undertaker Is Like A Comic Book Character

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• Old School WCW Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School Veteran Glacier (Real name: Ray Lloyd) celebrates his 56th birthday today.

Glacier joined Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling full time in 1996, portraying a gimmick that was very similar to the Mortal Kombat video game character of Sub-Zero.

During his time in WCW, he feuded with Mortis (Kanyon) & Wrath (WWF’s Adam Bomb), who were managed by James Vandenberg (Sinister Minister aka Father James Mitchell), but also had some help from Ernest “The Cat” Miller.


• AEW Wrestler Says Undertaker Is Like A Comic Book Character

AEW World Champion Jon Moxley recently spoke to Fightful, where he was asked if he watched WrestleMania 36.

He said that he watched the whole event, and stated that the Boneyard match was his favourite part of the event.

Below is what Moxley said:

“I watched the whole thing, both nights. I enjoyed it. I thought it flowed nicely and a lot of people really worked their a$$ off and put on great performances.

I enjoyed the Boneyard Match, I thought that was cool. I thought that was really cool, too, because The Undertaker is a really beloved character.

He’s like a comic book character. He’s a beloved character from our childhood. Same as John Wayne or John McClane or any action movie star you can think of, so it was really cool. I think everybody really enjoyed that.”

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