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Aggravated Kidnapping & Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed Against Former WWE Champion

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• Aggravated Kidnapping & Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed Against Former WWE Champion

Former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio has cleared his name. One charge of aggravated kidnapping and 4 charges of sexual assault against him were dismissed on Friday.

Del Rio was accused of all these things last year by a woman, with him getting arrested in May 2020. Del Rio got out on bail with a $50,000 bond, which has now been returned to him.

According to court records, an arraignment was held on Friday, along with a hearing and trial, but the case was dismissed due to a missing witness.

Del Rio’s team issued the following statement:

“We want to formally announce that from today, December 10th, 2021, the Honorable Judicial System of the state of Texas has officially dismissed Alberto Rodriguez, known in the wrestling industry as Alberto Del Rio or Alberto El Patron, of all the charges presented against him. Alberto Rodriguez has been dismissed of all the charges presented against him.

We want to thank the Texas Judicial System, the United States legal system, The Rodriguez Family, Alberto’s legal team, his friends, and Lucha Libre Online for always supporting him during this process. It was a long process, but at the end, the truth came to light.

Alberto’s focus will be to get to back the squared circle he felt in love back when he was a child. Alberto will be restarting his career inside the pro wrestling and combat sports industry. Thank you for attention.”

The complaint by the woman alleged that Del Rio accused her of infidelity, which led to him physically assaulting her. She claimed that Del Rio slapped her across the head multiple times and forced her to wear a dress and dance for him.

Del Rio allegedly told her not to cry and threatened to take her son and drop him in the middle of the road somewhere.

She went on to accuse him of tying her hands with boxing straps, putting a sock in her mouth and sexually assaulting her for several hours, with various objects.

However, she issued an apology to Del Rio’s family in November 2020.

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• Old School WWF Veteran Would Have Celebrated His Birthday

Today would have been the 62nd birthday of Old School WWF Veteran Doug Furnas.

The former world-class powerlifter (986lbs Squat, 600lbs Bench Press, 826lbs Deadlift) wrestled for various promotions over the years, such as Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling (1990), Paul Heyman’s Extreme Championship Wrestling (1996, 1997-1998) and the World Wrestling Federation (1996-1997).

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December 11, 1959 – March 2, 2012

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