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Alberto El Patron Clears Rumors Of Fighting Goldberg

Former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron (f.k.a Alberto Del Rio in WWE) stated that there is no truth to the rumors of him fighting Goldberg in an MMA match in GLORY. Alberto notes that there were some discussions between the two parties but nothing was materialized.

Below is what Alberto El Patron said:

“I keep hearing this from a lot of people, but I’ve never heard anything from GLORY. They contacted me, they approached me, but we never talked about money or names or anything like that. Maybe they approached him and offered him some money and the possibility of fighting me, but that’s something only Bill Goldberg knows. I never got back from anybody from GLORY. If he needs to fight, good for him. If they give me the right amount of money that I want, then maybe, we’ll see. But I don’t think that’s gonna be the case, because again, I do so well in pro wrestling that I don’t think they’re gonna give me the money that I’m asking for.”

Alberto also claims that UFC wanted to sign him but he couldn’t agree on the money being offered. He said that many promotions have contacted him but the talk comes down to money. At 37 years old, Alberto El Patron is willing to take all the risks in the world of MMA if the money offered is worth taking the risk.

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