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Alberto El Patron Suffers A Quad Injury

After wrestling a match in Mexico this past Wednesday, former WWE Champion Alberto El Patron (f.k.a Alberto Del Rio) suffered a torn quad. Alberto was supposed to wrestle a big singles match this Friday night at a Northeast Wrestling event in Waterbury, CT.

Alberto did work the event but was very limited in the ring. He was supposed to wrestle Matt Hardy in a singles match, but due to his quad injury, that match was changed to a tag team match with Alberto teaming up with Hardy to face the team of The Young Bucks.

Prior to the event they shot an angle where The Young Bucks attacked Alberto El Patron and injured his ankle until Matt Hardy made the save and challenged The Young Bucks to a tag team match at the event.

During the match Patron’s thigh was wrapped up (as you can see in the above video) and he looked to be legitimately injured. He did work a few spots in the match but it was Hardy who carried the match for his team. Hardy and Patron defeated The Young Bucks at the event.

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