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Aleister Black Shares Childhood Story That Led To His Biggest Fear

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (April 29, 1995) – WWF Superstars

On this day in 1995, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Superstars’.

This episode was pre-taped at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF In Your House’ PPV.

Here’s the card:

– Psycho Sid vs. Aldo Montoya (Sid’s return match after a 3 year absence)

– Lex Luger & Davey Boy Smith vs. The Brooklyn Brawler & The Black Phantom

– Hakushi vs. Kwang (Kwang’s last TV appearance)

– Jean Pierre Laffiette vs. Gary Scott

– Bret Hart vs. Jimmy Del Ray (WrestleFest 95)

• Aleister Black Shares Childhood Story That Led To His Biggest Fear

Zelina Vega recently dropped a video on her YouTube channel to promote it. She and Aleister Black had a Q/A session with the fans there.

Black is a dark character, but he has some fears too. He said that he fears heights and spiders. He also said that he suffers from claustrophobia, because when he was a child, two bullies trapped him in a tube for awhile. He still hasn’t gotten rid of that fear.

Below is what Black said:

“Spiders, but I don’t kill them. I don’t feel that me being afraid of something is a reason to kill them, so I put them outside or somewhere else.

I have claustrophobia, severely because I have panic attacks and anxiety. I’m not too keen on heights — god I’m gonna sound like a wuss with this. I’m like — the thing is I confront myself with a lot for my fears. I’ll put myself in situations like purposefully like so I can endure it. That’s what I did with spiders now I can pick them up and take them out of the house nowadays. When I was a kid I was terrified of them with good reasons because I had some weird experiences with spiders as a kid.

As for claustrophobia, I have childhood trauma for being trapped in something for an extended period of time. When I think about it, it makes me [he shivered] — I was at this big jungle gym with my mom and there were these big tubes where I was climbing into and you climb up and they were very narrow. There was a kid behind me and there was a kid in front of me and they picked on me so they wouldn’t let me out.

So, I couldn’t go this way or that way. My mom for like 20 minutes was like, ‘where is he?’ Then my mom saw it and these kids quickly ran off I don’t remember what happened after that. I just couldn’t do a small space anymore.”

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