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Alexa Bliss Seemingly Returned On RAW (Photo)

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The return of Alexa Bliss may have quietly slipped under the radar for many WWE fans during last night’s episode of RAW.

The moment unfolded during a promo by Sheamus, who was addressing Ludwig Kaiser in the ring. As Kaiser responded via the big screen, Sheamus decided to head backstage to confront him. It was in this transitional scene that keen-eyed viewers spotted a potential hint.

Just as Sheamus walked past the Gorilla Position, a woman could be seen standing in the shadows. Due to the dim lighting and the camera’s focus on Sheamus, her face was barely visible.

Alexa Bliss WWE Return RAW May 27 2024

However, attentive fans noticed that the pattern on her pants closely resembled those worn by “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, sparking speculation about her identity.

Alexa Bliss Mystery Return WWE RAW May 27 2024

Easter Eggs and Speculation

WWE has been known to drop subtle hints and Easter eggs in their backstage segments, and this sighting has added fuel to the speculation that Alexa Bliss might be aligning with Uncle Howdy’s stable. The apparent connection to Bray Wyatt, given the distinctive pant pattern, suggests that Bliss could play a significant role in upcoming storylines.

Fan Reactions

Fans have taken to social media to share their theories and dissect the brief glimpse of the woman in question. The speculation around Bliss’s involvement with Uncle Howdy’s faction has been growing, and this latest clue seems to support those theories.

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