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An Angry & Drunk Randy Savage Almost Beat Up Misfits’ Frontman & Drummer In WCW, Hot WCW Flashback

Macho Man Randy Savage

• An Angry & Drunk Randy Savage Almost Beat Up Misfits’ Frontman & Drummer In WCW

During a recent interview with Michael Hodge, Misfits’ frontman Michale Graves talked about his time in WCW. Below are the highlights:

On Randy Savage almost beating up him & Doyle over his then valet/girlfriend Gorgeous George:

“Yeah, yes. It was terrible. There was a time at one point, when me and Matt, the two smallest guys on the MISFITS/GWAR tour, got cornered backstage by Randy Macho Man Savage. A very angry, drunk, Macho Man Randy Savage.”

On how he handled himself in this situation:

“I just stayed calm. I called him Mr. Man. I swear to god. I said Mr. Man, listen… and I just hoped for the best.”

On Savage having every right to be mad:

“Yeah, ya know. I can’t really speak ill of the dead. I’ve gotta be honest with you. With my run-in with Randy Macho Man Savage, that man had every right to be pi$$ed off the way that he was. And every right to be as scary as he was.

And if he wanted to, he could have choked the sh*t outta me. He was just awesome you know. He was an intense guy! ‘Stay calm son’, is all I could think to myself.”

On WCW officials not being happy with Misfits getting over and more popular than their top acts and trying to run their momentum:

“Yeah man. I really tried to stay out of the politics of everything. There was so much drama going on within the band itself at the time. I just knew that we had so much talent and so much creativity. The fire in such a young man that burned in me, and the things that I wanted to do.

It was very frustrating that it was such a big boy world with lots of money and power. You know. And I was just a creative guy. So I saw all of the struggles and I was just really kinda f*ckin sad that it all got squashed over stupid sh*t.

And if we had people around us that could stand back and be objective and go ‘these guys are creative, they’re strong, they’re talented, and they can make us a lot of money’. We were on the verge. We were really on the verge. We had people like Rob Zombie calling us like ‘Hey man, can I direct your video’. And I saw all this happening.

And again, I was a small fish. I was just a young guy in my early 20’s. So I just did my best to keep myself together and pray to god that we could keep the bus together…and we couldn’t man. We just flew apart.”

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