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Another Shocking TNA Departure

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving TNA Wrestling and Seth Rollins.

• In a surprising turn of events, TNA has seen a series of significant departures from its ranks. According to an initial report by Fightful, Lou D’Angeli, a familiar name to many wrestling fans, is no longer with the company. Known to ECW fans as “Sign Guy Dudley,” D’Angeli later took on substantial roles behind the scenes in WWE and TNA.

D’Angeli served as WWE’s Director of Marketing from 2006 to 2010 before moving to Cirque de Soleil. He eventually joined TNA, where he played a crucial role in the organization’s marketing efforts. His departure, as reported by PWInsider, followed a meeting with Anthem executives last week, where it was mutually decided that they should part ways.

The news of D’Angeli’s exit is part of a broader wave of changes within TNA. RD Evans, a member of the creative team, resigned last week. Additionally, David Sahadi, TNA’s head of production, was also let go. These departures follow the release of Scott D’Amore in February, indicating a period of significant restructuring within the company.

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• Former WWE wrestler Elias has begun to open up about his WWE tenure now that he’s a free agent. Despite his popularity, Elias never ascended beyond the lower and mid-card tiers.

In his final year, WWE rebranded him as Ezekiel, the supposed twin brother of his original persona. This new character resonated with fans, yet Elias was ultimately released due to budget cuts.

In an interview with Metro UK, Elias shared that he was constantly brainstorming ideas to evolve his character. He revealed, “There was a character that I really thought could have been incredible myself, it was the Monday Might Messiah.”

Elaborating further, Elias mentioned that this idea eventually found life through other wrestlers. “And if you realize, Seth Rollins and AOP ended up – for lack of better terms, they just gave it to those guys,” he noted.

Despite this, Elias emphasized there were no hard feelings towards Seth Rollins. He envisioned his character as a cult-like leader with biblical themes, a creative direction he believed had significant potential.

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