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Another WWE Hall Of Famer Is Leaving AEW

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After Mark Henry, the next WWE Hall of Famer that’s set to leave AEW is Arn Anderson.

He announced on his podcast that his contract expires at the end of this month and he’s leaving. He thanked AEW President Tony Khan and others:

“I just wanted to say thank you to Tony (Khan). Believe it or not, on doubleshot day, the 31st is the last day on my contract. I just want to say thank you. I appreciate everything. That goes to everybody that works there.

All my friends, Tony Schiavone, JR, all those guys, all the talent. [Dean Malenko], obviously, Billy Gunn, all that crew. [Jerry Lynn]. Everybody was great. So I just want to say thank you and see you down the road.”

Arn worked as a manager for Cody Rhodes during the early days of AEW. After Cody left, Arn began managing his son, Brock Anderson. However, Brock was removed from the roster last year.

An interesting thing to note is that WWE Champion Cody Rhodes recently said that he’s looking for a classic wrestling manager to join him.

Here’s what The American Nightmare said on Busted Open Radio:

“One of the reasons I liked having Arn Anderson around (me in AEW) was the same reason I would have loved to have my dad around me. Because I’ll tell you I’m lucky and I’ll tell you how hard I work.

I’ll tell you how grateful I am and that is true but it was nice to have a guy over my shoulder say what you just said and say we’re not apologizing for greatness where mediocrity loves company and we’re not joining that company. It was nice to have that voice in your ear.

It was something I missed when Logan (Paul) and I were doing this contract signing to see him flanked by so many people. I don’t know.

Maybe I’m looking for the classic wrestling manager to join me on this title reign. I don’t know who that is or what that is but it just felt like I wouldn’t mind someone to holler the stuff that you just did.”

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