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Another WWE Producer Released, Renee Young Thinks She Was A ‘F*cking Squeaky-Clean Babyface Commentator’ In WWE

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• ON THIS DAY IN WWF HISTORY (September 10, 1990) – WWF Prime Time Wrestling

On this day in 1990, the World Wrestling Federation aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WWF Prime Time Wrestling’.

It featured pre-taped matches, interviews & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WWF Survivor Series 1990’ PPV.

The card can be found right here:

Tugboat vs. Bob Bradley

The Warlord vs. Barry Hardy

Power & Glory vs. Shane Douglas/Dale Paradise

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Jim Powers

The Big Boss Man vs. Pez Whatley

Brother Love Show: Sensational Sherri Is His Guest

Akeem vs. Ron Cumberland

Koko B. Ware vs. Dale Wolfe

Rhythm & Blues vs. Mark Thomas/Jim McPherson

Jimmy Snuka vs. Boris Zhukov

• Another WWE Producer Released

WWE Producer Sarah Stock was released by the company as part of the latest budget cuts on Thursday.

After being furloughed during the first round of budget cuts in April this year, Stock was released by WWE on Thursday, according to PWInsider.

Along with Stock, Gerald Brisco and Mike Rotunda were also let go.

WATCH: Revealing Video Of Renee Young:

• Renee Young Thinks She Was A ‘F*cking Squeaky-Clean Babyface Commentator’ In WWE

While speaking on the Sports Media podcast, former WWE announcer Renee Young discussed Jon Moxley’s (fka as Dean Ambrose) heel turn in WWE in 2018, and how difficult was it for her to call it on RAW.

Below is what she said:

“My head was spinning. Even look at it from the point of view the night my husband (then the character of Dean Ambrose] re-debuted as a heel. I am a f***ing squeaky-clean babyface commentator and people know I am married to him. I’m like, what can I say? How do I get his character over in this spot — and I’m an inexperienced commentator in that position to begin with.

Some days it would be like we’re not going to talk about it, we’re not going to address it, just call the matches as they are. And we would go into the show but then all of a sudden, [Corey] Graves is being fed lines asking to ask me about what goes on at our dinner table and what do we talk about when we are at home.

So I’m unprepared for how to navigate this and also knowing how important this program was going to be to my husband, how much time and effort he really put into wanting to make that a success. I was like, ‘Oh, my God. Am I going to be the one that’s going to trash this and make it not this great thing?’ So much pressure to try to get all that stuff right. It was a lot.”

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