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“Are you sh*tting me?” – Tony Khan Reacts To The Fakest Criticism Of AEW

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• “Are you sh*tting me?” – Tony Khan Reacts To The Fakest Criticism Of AEW

During a recent interview with Grapsody, AEW President Tony Khan talked about fans criticising his booking, storylines in All Elite Wrestling & more.

Below are the highlights:

Fans criticizing his booking:

“Wrestling fans are amazing people, but, I think in some ways… some wrestling fans are like ‘Why is this match happening? They shouldn’t do this match. There’s no build.’ Maybe it’s the start of something. How do you know?”

Fans criticizing Jon Moxley vs. Daniel Garcia:

“Well, first of all, both are going to be in this match. Maybe there’s gonna be something there on Friday, so we have already told you there’s something else. I saw someone say this match is unnecessary. What does that even mean?

You say it’s not a way for people to watch TV anymore because every match has to have some kind of story to get into it. Well, what about the story that everyone wants to be the best? That’s how most sports are, and there are storylines going into games and matches.”

Some fans saying most AEW matches have no storylines:

“The worst criticism, the fakest criticism, there was this criticism… People would question if there were storylines in the show. Are you sh*tting me? There are so many in every show!

Out of 5 or 6 matches in a show, most of them will have those hooks. I gotta say, on next week’s show, looking at it, every match will have a story going into it on Dynamite.”

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