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Arn Anderson Gives An Update On Barry Windham

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On a recent edition of his weekly ‘The ARN Show’ podcast, NWA/WCW Legend Arn Anderson spoke about his former 4 Horsemen teampartner Barry Windham.

Arn spoke about several topics regarding Barry, including his world title win in 1993 and them seeing each other recently at a convention.

Barry Windham suffered a heart attack in December 2022 and was admitted to the ICU (intensive care unit).

It was Barry’s second heart attack after a cardiac arrest in 2011, where he needed an emergency procedure as well.

Fortunately the former Horsemen member was stabilized and recovered from it.

Here’s what Arn Anderson had to say about Barry defeating The Great Muta for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship at the WCW SuperBrawl III pay-per-view in 1993:

“Well deserved, and a good match. Muta was a great performer as well. Good-looking babyface, all the things fall into a line. What a teaser there at the end.

Well, universally, everybody in every corner of the world knew what a classic talent Barry Windham was. He was well-known everywhere.

I would suggest no corner of the Earth, if there had wrestling anything, shows on the air production, local territory, whatever it may be.

They knew Barry Windham and what he brought to the table.

Well, he could have become World Champion during the Crockett era. There was room for that, for sure.

I wouldn’t say Ronnie Garvin was a bad move at all because the fact is, Ronnie Garvin got red hot through his work. And he wasn’t the biggest guy.

He was on a crew full of big, jacked-up guys, tremendous talents, and tremendous workers and big personalities.

And through all that, Ronnie Garvin started to shine, because he would just beat the crap out of you. And that was what he hung his hat on.

He was just his physical, if not the most physical, guy on the crew to work with. And he got red hot. And if you would’ve ignored him at that time, that would’ve been a real injustice.

Well, long overdue for Barry. Barry could have very easily been a World Champion for a period time during the Crockett years. We know that.

That was, you know, he was just that good. And I think the frustration he felt when he figured out that Flair was snapping him up, he was again stealing part of his spotlight.

And that was the frustration that you saw on Barry’s face like, ‘Hey, this is my night. At least let me have my victory. Let me have my night becoming the champion. We don’t need Ric in the shot at all’.

And I’m sure that was very, very real.”

Anderson then provided an update on Windham’s health:

“He’s doing fine. He actually stayed at one of the conventions, you know, I want to say he signed for probably six hours.

And I talked to him for just a minute. We were really, really busy that, I mean, our fans came out and supported us. It was incredible.

I barely had time to take a bathroom break. But I looked down there, Barry had a lot of people there.

Glad to see him, and he was there for quite a while.”

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