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Asuka’s Streak Coming To An End Before WrestleMania 34? Former WWE Champion Reveals If He’ll Wrestle In A Mask Again

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• OLD SCHOOL VIDEO HISTORY (January 9, 1993) – Evil Clown Reveals His Name

On this day in 1993, the World Wrestling Federation aired an interview with the evil clown who had recently played pranks on Tatanka, Bob Backlund and Marty Jannetty, revealing his name.

The character was portrayed by WWF WrestleMania 1 Wrestler Matt Borne, who revealed his new name to be ‘Doink The Clown’.

• Former WWE Champion Reveals If He’ll Wrestle In A Mask Again

During a recent interview with Miami Herald, former WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio talked about working in Impact Wrestling, wearing a mask again & more. Below are the highlights:

On not having freedom in WWE:

“They let you be yourself and just do it on the fly, it feels better. People appreciate that even more, it’s natural. When I went back to Impact Wrestling for Bound for Glory, I was just telling the truth and speaking from the heart and making people open their eyes to the situation.

And it’s going to continue, as long as I’m at Impact, I have the freedom to say what I think. I keep hearing people say ‘Every time you’re on the mic in Impact, it’s amazing. What happened? Why wasn’t it like that in the other company?’ Well, the reason was I never had that freedom.”

On if he would wear a mask again:

“That would be amazing! That would be fantastic, but it’s a little bit difficult when it’s done in Mexico. Once you lose it, you lose it. They don’t want to see you wearing it, they would feel like you’re disrespecting the lucha libre tradition, but I never lost the mask, it was a personal decision.

I never lost the mask in the ring. I decided to remove that mask and give light to Alberto Del Rio. Maybe for my last match, maybe for the day when I say ‘adios’ to the pro wrestling business.”

• Asuka’s Streak Coming To An End Before WrestleMania 34?

WWE noted this week that the undefeated Asuka will be teaming up with The Miz in the WWE Mixed Match Challenge. Unless WWE plans to have the team of Asuka & The Miz win this Mixed Match Challenge, there’s a very strong possibility that Asuka’s undefeated run might come to an end in this tournament (which will conclude prior to WrestleMania 34).

Another reason why WWE might pull the trigger on Asuka’s undefeated run ending in this tournament is to draw more viewership to this program, which will air exclusively on Facebook Watch, and show their value to Facebook by drawing strong numbers.

WWE has done things like this in the past, like bringing Goldberg back at Survivor Series instead of WrestleMania to promote the sales of the WWE 2K game featuring Goldberg that came out that month.

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