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Attitude Era Wrestler Puts Over Drake Maverick For His Work As WWE 24/7 Champion

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• OLD SCHOOL HISTORY (July 12, 2000) – WCW Thunder

On this day in 2000, Ted Turner’s World Championship Wrestling aired an episode of their weekly TV show ‘WCW Thunder’ on TBS.

This episode was pre-taped at the North Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, South Carolina and featured matches & storyline segments on the road to the ‘WCW New Blood Rising 2000’ PPV.

The card of the show can be found here:

1. Tank Abbott & 3 Count vs. The Jung Dragons & Great Muta

2. The Demon vs. Private Stash

3. Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire vs. Lance Storm & Billy Kidman

4. Big Vito vs. David Flair

5. Shawn Stasiak & Chuck Palumbo vs. Corporal Cajun & General Rection

6. Shane Douglas & Torrie Wilson vs. Crowbar & Daffney

7. Billy Kidman vs. Lance Storm

8. Mike Awesome vs. Rick Steiner

9. Jeff Jarrett vs. Kanyon

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• Attitude Era Wrestler Puts Over Drake Maverick For His Work As WWE 24/7 Champion

During a recent appearance on Cut The Promo Podcast, WWF Attitude Era wrestler Al Snow was asked about the WWE 24/7 Championship and below is what Al thinks about the Title:

“They had the Hardcore Championship and created that stipulation towards it back then which was very entertaining. It had its run and it came to an end.

It’s trying in some degree to resurrect that without the hardcore part of it and, quite honestly, right now, Spud [Drake Maverick] is really the one who’s making that title mean something with all the things that he’s doing on his own and for him to take it upon his self and go out there and use social media and sell themselves for that 24/7 title.

He’s made it quite entertaining.”

During the interview, Al Snow was also asked about his thoughts on ECW Legend Sabu. Below is what Al said:

“Great guy, great friend. I saw Sabu take money out of his own pocket over the years and pay other fellow wrestlers where the promoter stiffed the crew and took off and he’d take care of other wrestlers because he made more money.

He’s a good guy. Doesn’t get enough credit for the trailblazer that he was.”

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