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Attitude Era Wrestler Says He Was In Love With Stephanie McMahon & Asked Her Out

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Before Stephanie McMahon became Mrs. Triple H in 2003, she was the subject of interest for many within the wrestling industry. One former WWE star, Dennis Knight, recently opened up about his own attempt to date WWE’s first lady, making him the first wrestler to make such a move.

Dennis Knight’s WWE Journey

Dennis Knight, known to wrestling fans for his time in WCW and USWA, joined the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) in 1996. He reunited with his former tag team partner Mark Canterbury, and the duo became known as The Godwins. Knight later reinvented himself as Mideon and even took on the memorable persona of Naked Mideon before leaving the company in 2001. After retiring from wrestling in 2005, Knight transitioned to a career as a professional chef.

The Unrequited Crush

In a candid discussion on The False Finish podcast, Knight confessed to having been “in love” with Stephanie McMahon during his early days in the WWF. He even mustered the courage to ask her out, though it didn’t lead to a date.

“I was the first person to ask Stephanie McMahon out. Oh my God, was I in love with her,” Knight recalled. “Not long after I first got there … Asked her out [to] go see a movie. She’s like, ‘Oh, well, my dad won’t let me date wrestlers or anything.’ You know, year or two later with Hunter and all that. Couldn’t be a better couple, though. I don’t know what their life together’s like, but I love them both. Saw her at the Hall of Fame, and just gave her a giant hug. I love them, they’re nice.”

Despite his initial disappointment, Knight holds no grudges and speaks fondly of both Stephanie and Triple H. He also maintains a warm regard for the McMahon family, including Vince McMahon, the controversial former WWE boss.

Stephanie McMahon’s WWE Status

Stephanie McMahon’s departure from WWE in January 2023 followed Vince McMahon’s return to the Board of Directors. This marked a significant shift, as she stepped away from her duties within the company. However, her surprise appearances at the 2024 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and WrestleMania Sunday reignited speculation about a potential return to a full-time role within WWE.

Despite these appearances, Stephanie McMahon has not resumed any official capacity within WWE, leaving fans and industry insiders wondering about her future involvement with the company.

Dennis Knight’s nostalgic tale adds an intriguing chapter to the storied history of WWE’s behind-the-scenes relationships. While Stephanie McMahon’s path led her to a successful partnership with Triple H, Knight’s affectionate memories and respect for the McMahon family highlight the camaraderie and personal connections that often develop in the world of professional wrestling. Whether or not Stephanie will return to a prominent role in WWE remains to be seen, but her legacy within the company is undeniable.

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