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Babyface Turn Teased After Last Night’s RAW

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Last night’s RAW kicked off Seth Rollins and Damian Priest talking about their World Heavyweight Championship match later in the show.

Priest said he doesn’t need The Judgment Day to defeat Seth. Seth told Priest to prove it and leave his friends backstage for their match. Priest agreed.

Damian said he’s going to make sure Seth is going to have one of the shortest reigns as World Champion.

Rollins then took a shot at Finn Balor’s 1-day Universal Championship reign from 2016 by saying that his ongoing title reign is already longer than Balor’s.

Rollins defeated Priest to retain the World Heavyweight Title in the main event.

Despite agreeing to not interfere, Balor showed up in the main event and it backfired. Priest was shown being frustrated at Balor for interfering.

The Commentators noted that this was the first time that it looked like The Judgment Day wasn’t on the same page.

After the match, Balor confronted Rollins. This is expected to be the next feud for the World Title.

After RAW went off the air, Rollins called Balor & Priest to ring as he wanted to shake their hand. Balor refused to do this, but Priest returned to the ring and shook Rollins’ hand to end the night.

You can watch it below:

WWE is teasing a babyface turn for Priest and him leaving Judgment Day.

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