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Backlash 2023 (Live Coverage) – Part 5

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This is Part 5 of our WWE Backlash 2023 LIVE coverage (part 4 is here).

Up next is the San Juan Street Fight. Damian Priest makes his way out first, followed by Bad Bunny to a new theme song to a huge pop from the crowd.

Bunny is bringing weapons with him for this fight. This is his 3rd WWE match. His debut match was at WrestleMania 37 (where he teamed up with Priest) and his second match was the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble match.

The match begins and Priest his showing his strength to Bad Bunny by pushing him around, but Bunny fires back with a Michinoku Driver!

Priest hit Bunny with a Chokeslam and went for the cover, but Priest picked Bunny’s shoulder himself because he wants to punish him.

Damian picks up a Kendo Stick, but throws it weapon because he doesn’t need a weapon. He is looking to hit a dive outside the ring and Bunny throws a Steel Chair in his face!

Bunny hits a Crossbody on Priest from the top rope to the outside! Bunny smashes Priest with trash can lids after this. Bunny picks up a Kendo Stick and begins beating Priest with it.

Bad Bunny hits Damian with the Falcon Arrow and goes for the cover, but Priest kicks out.

Priest goes out of the ring and begins leaving. Bunny follows him with a trash can, Priest turns around and kicks him down. Priest hits Bunny with the trash can and then the lid.

They are fighting in the crowd now. Priest hits Bunny with a Falcon Arrow from the top of a platform through two tables on the floor!

Priest goes for a kick at ringside, but Bunny moves out of the way and Priest ends up kicking the ring post. Bunny is now hurting Priest’s leg even more. Bunny smashes Priest’s knee (with leg wrapped around the ring post) with a Steel Chair!

Damian is now begging Bunny to not hit him with a chair, but then goes on to kick Bunny in the face. Priest is now looking to hit Bunny with the chair, but Bunny hits a low blow.

Judgment Day members Finn Balor and Dominik Mysterio run out and attack Bunny. This leads to Rey Mysterio coming out to save Bunny, but they beat him down.

This leads to former Intercontinental Champion Carlito returning to WWE to a HUGE POP from the Puerto Rico crowd! Carlito & Rey take out Balor & Dominik. Carlito spit Apple in Dominik’s face.

You can watch Carlito’s return below:

Finn & Dominik retreat, but Savio Vega comes out now. Santos Escobar & other LWO members come out to back up Vega. Savio hits his signature moves on Finn & Dominik to a big pop!

Bunny locks in the Figure 4 Leg Lock on Priest, but Priest breaks out of it. Bunny is now attacking Priest with a Steel Chair. Bunny goes for a turnbuckle move, but lands on his head while doing it.

Priest goes face-first into a Steel Chair. Bunny hits the Canadian Destroyer on Priest for the win.

Bad Bunny def. Damian Priest in a San Juan Street Fight

You can watch the finish below:

Carlito, Savio Vega, Rey Mysterio & other LWO members came to the ring after the match to celebrate with Bunny and raised him on their shoulders.

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