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Backstage AEW Reaction To Ricochet Deciding To Leave WWE

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Below are some top news stories of the day, involving Ricochet and The Undertaker.

• As Ricochet’s WWE contract nears its expiration, speculation about his next move intensifies. AEW has emerged as a prime destination where the high-flying wrestler could thrive, leading to discussions about the promotion potentially initiating talks with him. While formal negotiations have yet to commence, backstage chatter among AEW personnel suggests a keen interest in bringing Ricochet into their ranks.

Fightful Select reports that AEW staff and talent were actively discussing the possibility of Ricochet joining the company. Despite Ricochet still being under contract with WWE, the buzz surrounding his potential move has been significant. “We haven’t heard that there had been official talks of the sort,” Fightful Select noted, “but as of Friday, all indications were that he’d decided to leave the company.”

In addition to AEW, NJPW is also rumored to be eyeing a potential deal with Ricochet. The combination of AEW and NJPW’s interest sets the stage for Ricochet to explore new opportunities outside WWE, where he has been since 2018.

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• In a heartwarming moment for WWE fans, The Undertaker reunited with Maven, the winner of the first ever Tough Enough, in a recent video that has since gone viral.

The video captures a candid interaction between the two, bringing back memories of their iconic moments in the early 2000s. Maven, who famously eliminated The Undertaker from the 2002 Royal Rumble, shared a heartfelt conversation with the legendary Deadman, reminiscing about their time together in WWE.

In the clip, Undertaker gave Maven a trip of his property. Maven revealed that he will appear on Undertaker podcast and Undertaker will appear on Maven’s podcast.

You can watch it below:

Fans have flooded social media with nostalgic comments, expressing their joy at seeing the duo together again. This reunion not only highlights the lasting impact of their storyline but also underscores the camaraderie that exists within the wrestling community.

The Undertaker, who retired from in-ring competition in 2020, continues to make occasional appearances, much to the delight of his loyal fanbase. Maven, although no longer active in WWE, remains a beloved figure for his contributions during his tenure.

This unexpected reunion has rekindled fond memories for many and serves as a testament to the enduring legacy of both The Undertaker and Maven in WWE history.

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