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Backstage Chaos In WWE Over Low Ticket Sales In Toronto

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• Old School WWF Veteran Celebrates His Birthday

Old School WWF Veteran Savio Vega (Real name: Juan Rivera) turns 55 today.

After making a name for himself as TNT in his home country of Puerto Rico, he joined the World Wrestling Federation in 1993 as Kwang, managed by Harvey Wippleman.

In May 1995, he was no longer known as the masked Kwang, but started to wrestle without a mask as Puerto Rican babyface Savio Vega.

In January 1997, he joined The Nation of Domination, but got kicked out in June, which resulted in him forming his own stable, Los Boricuas.


• Backstage Chaos In WWE Over Low Ticket Sales In Toronto

While this Sunday’s SummerSlam 2019 pay-per-view is sold out, other WWE shows during this SummerSlam weekend in Toronto aren’t doing good in terms of ticket sales.

According to the Wrestling Observer, tickets for WWE shows are going at a very low price on the secondary market.

Below are the prices of tickets for WWE shows in Toronto:

– RAW after SummerSlam: $11 (1,060 tickets left)

– SmackDown after SummerSlam: $9 (880 seats left)

– NXT TakeOver Toronto II: $7 (950 seats left)

According to Brad Shepard, there’s backstage chaos in WWE due to this:

“I’m told this has created some internal chaos. There was a meeting this week where they discussed ticket scalpers, and earlier this week they were hoping this was a ‘site issue’.”

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