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Backstage News On Cody Rhodes Cutting A Non-PG Promo On RAW Despite WWE’s Rule

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Cody Rhodes didn’t hold back on this week’s Monday Night RAW episode.

The Rock is back for WrestleMania 40 and he is cutting lengthy promos on both social media and on TV, to ensure WWE gets the maximum mainstream media coverage ahead of the biggest show of the year.

The People’s Champion maintains his Attitude Era persona and doesn’t care about WWE’s PG rating.

He openly drops F bombs during his social media promos and he even gets to say stuff on TV that other WWE wrestlers aren’t allowed to say.

WWE higher-ups sent out a memo a few weeks ago to talent, reminding them that they need to stick to PG language, even on social media.

This has resulted in a lot of WWE wrestlers having an issue with the special treatment The Great One is getting.

However, Cody Rhodes cut a non-PG promo on this week’s RAW, where he said The Rock has little d*ck syndrome.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Cody was given permission to cut this promo, as they felt he needed to do it in order to fire back at The Rock ahead of their WrestleMania 40 program:

“There was a memo. Everyone got it. I asked, ‘What was the deal? And it’s like, they knew that [Cody Rhodes] had to come back. But there’s absolutely a memo. I got that from several different guys, there’s been other reporters who have too. That’s not nothing. No one else is allowed to do that.

But he was given the opportunity to do it because basically they wanted him to stay babyface, essentially. And I mean, if he came off badly on this promo and Rock came off so great in Memphis, it’s like, that’s not what they want. But he was fine. You know, he brought his dog in. I mean, it’s like, that’s all it is.”

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