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Backstage News On If There Were Discussions For Jey Uso To Win The Undisputed Title At SummerSlam

Roman Reigns Vs Jey Uso 6 SummerSlam 2023 WWE PPV WrestleFeed App

In the main event of the WWE SummerSlam 2023 premium live event, Roman Reigns defeated Jey Uso in a Tribal Combat match to retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and remain The Tribal Chief.

The match saw interference from Solo Sikoa, but that wasn’t enough, as there was a miscommunication between Reigns & Solo, and Reigns accidentally hit Solo with a Spear.

It looked like Jey had Roman beat once again, but Jimmy Uso returned and stopped Jey from pinning Roman.

Jimmy turned heel and superkicked Jey. Roman then speared Jey through a Table set up in one of the corners in the ring and pinned his former “Right Hand Man” to pick up the win and continue his 1,070 day title reign.

On this Friday’s episode of SmackDown after SummerSlam, a “Hail To The Chief” segment is scheduled in which Jimmy Uso is set to acknowledge Roman Reigns as his Tribal Chief and join The Bloodline again.

There are some rumors going on that WWE had discussions about Jey pinning Roman to become the new Undisputed Champion, but they later decided to book Jimmy to turn on Jey and continue’s Roman’s title reign.

According to the Wrestling Observer, those rumors are false and there were never any plans to have Jey defeat Roman:

“I’d never heard anyone even discuss that as a possibility. Yeah. You know, they’ve got plans going for Roman as champion for months down the line. So Jey wasn’t gonna win.

I know you could make the same thing about, well, you know, that’s why Cody and Sami shouldn’t have won, but, you know, Sami was much hotter than Jey. And whatever they had their direction that they were gonna go and with Cody, you know, they could’ve had Cody win, they could’ve had Cody lose.

The fact is, the business stayed good, so they weren’t wrong. I mean, could you say business might have been better with Cody? I think a little bit for the first couple of months, but this was their direction.

They wanna build it, and I got to think Cody’s eventually winning it. So it’s just a question of keeping him hot enough and Brock did a great job with Cody. I think that was Brock’s best match in years.”

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