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Backstage News On If There’s Heat On The Referee For Botched Pinfall Count At Money In The Bank

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Below are a couple of top Money In The Bank news stories of the day.

• There was a pinfall botch during the World Heavyweight Championship match between Damian Priest and Seth Rollins at Money In The Bank.

Rollins went for a pinfall attempt on Priest and the referee stopped counting at 2 despite Priest not kicking out. You can watch it below:

When asked about this during the post-show press conference, Triple H joked that the referee’s decision is final. Human beings are in the ring, mistakes happen. It is what it is. It’s a shame that that’s all people are going to remember from this match.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Drew McIntyre’s music hitting was NOT supposed to break up the count, and it was just Priest who forgot to kick out.

In an update, WrestleVotes reported that there’s no heat on the referee for this botch:

“I’m told there is no real heat on referee Rod Zapada following the mishap on Saturday night during the World Championship match. A source said, ‘In years past, absolutely.’”

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• CM Punk screwed Drew McIntyre once again at Money In The Bank. After the PLE went off the air, McIntyre got physical with RAW General Manager Adam Pearce.

Pearce later announced that both Punk and McIntyre have been fined for their actions, and McIntyre has been suspended:

“I am hereby fining both CM Punk and Drew McIntyre for their actions. Due to putting his elbow squarely in my teeth, I am hereby suspending Drew McIntyre indefinitely.”

McIntyre replied the following to Pearce:

“If you were doing your job properly you wouldn’t have been caught in the crossfire you incompetent bald b*tch.”

Pearce replied:

“Enjoy your off time!

Your fine is now doubled.

Free advice: Tweet less.”

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