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Backstage News On Kevin Dunn Shouting At People At WWE Extreme Rules

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On this day in 1993, Herb Abrams´ Universal Wrestling Federation taped ‘UWF RAMPAGE’ at the Minot State Fair in Minot, North Dakota.

This is raw footage from an intended TV taping, that has never, ever been shown on television and to my knowledge has not been seen by anyone, unless you bought a UWF Fan Package from the late Zoogz Rift around 1995-1996.

It’s full of promos, bloopers and other might I say interesting behind the scenes footage.

“commissioner” Carlo Gianelli & “The Golden Greek” John Tolos were doing commentary while Herb Abrams did the interviews.

Here are the full matches shown on it:

– Mr. Outrageous (Al Burke aka Dr. Feelgood) vs Randy Gusto

– The Killer Bees vs The New Blackhearts

– Steve Ray vs Mr. Outrageous

– UWF Intercontinental Championship: Bob Orton vs. The Warlord

Also included were several segments:

– Footage from a local TV station highlighting the press conference held the day before the show

– The raw complete press conference feat. Herb Abrams, Steve Ray, Carlo Gianelli, Steve Ray & Zoogz Rift

– Steve Ray hanging around the Minot State Fair and even riding a gyroscope!

– Various promos & interviews feat. The Killer Bees, The Warlord, Zoogz Rift, Steve Ray and Todd Becker

• Backstage News On Kevin Dunn Shouting At People At WWE Extreme Rules

Asuka defended the RAW Women’s Championship against Sasha Banks at The Horror Show At Extreme Rules this past Sunday. Banks had SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley in her corner, while Asuka had Kairi Sane in her corner.

According to Fightful, the production crew made some mistakes during the match, which made Kevin Dunn (Executive Vice President, Television Production) mad.

“During the Sasha Banks and Asuka match, there were some production snafus that set Kevin Dunn off. We weren’t told of specific instances, but Dunn was upset that cameras were catching Bayley in spots where they weren’t supposed to. When asking around, we were told it wasn’t significant, but enough to get Dunn to shout at people over it for not protecting talent.”

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