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Backstage News On Matt Jackson’s Wife’s High AEW Salary

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AEW’s Chief Marketing and Merchandising Officer Dana Massie (wife of Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks) is leaving the company.

Massie was with the company before “day one”, as she was selling AEW merch at AEW’s Las Vegas press conference, which took place before their first official event. She was also a part of the initial meetings which took place in 2018.

Nick Hausman is reporting that Dana was making 7 figures a year in AEW, as her position was very high in the company.

Matt Jackson posted the following about his wife’s departure from AEW on his Instagram story:

“End of an era. You were in the first conversations, when this was all only an idea. One of the main builders of our empire.

Always positive in at times was a thankless job. Glad you got to do it all, and leave on your terms, by your own choices.

It’s been fun working with you. See you at dinner.”

Matt Jackson Comments On His Wife Leaving AEW

According to the Wrestling Observer, AEW President Tony Khan not defending The Young Bucks after the All Out 2022 backstage fight, and Matt & Nick Jackson not being given a chance to publicly explain what went down played a role in Dana leaving All Elite Wrestling.

Here’s what the Wrestling Observer reported:

“She was someone at one point expected to do this forever. I think with everything that happened over the last year with her husband and brother-in-law, vilified and never defended and never being allowed to defend themselves and the company never defending them, it made it really difficult.

[The Young Bucks] re-signed, they didn’t go to WWE basically because they got a great offer to stay, and it was the best thing for the family and it was the best thing financially to stay. [The Elite] all agreed to the majority vote, that was one of the things they all agreed to so they stayed.

With her, it just got too tough. I’m sure there’s other things too, but that was a lot of it, the fact that she felt they were never defended at a time when they probably should have been defended by the company.

There was the situation where CM Punk went after her too and she was never defended either.”

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