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Backstage News On Who Persuaded Vince McMahon & Triple H To Change WrestleMania 39 Finish

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WrestleMania 39 – Night 2 main event finish stirred up significant debate among wrestling fans as WWE made a pivotal decision to deviate from anticipated plans. Instead of Cody Rhodes dethroning Roman Reigns for the Undisputed WWE Universal Title, Reigns retained, sparking both surprise and scrutiny within the wrestling community.

In the lead-up to the event, speculation ran rampant regarding Reigns’ future, with many anticipating a title loss to Rhodes followed by a hiatus from WWE. This speculation coincided with a period of creative upheaval spearheaded by Vince McMahon, particularly noticeable in the post-Mania episode of RAW.

Despite McMahon’s presence during WrestleMania 39, the creative reins were primarily held by Paul “Triple H” Levesque for the main roster. While McMahon’s influence loomed over the decision-making process, it was believed that Triple H played a significant role in orchestrating the event’s creative direction.

However, the narrative took an unexpected turn when, at WrestleMania 40, Rhodes emerged victorious over Reigns, capturing the championship.

According to insights from the Wrestling Observer, it was revealed that Reigns and his advocate, Paul Heyman, wielded substantial influence in persuading McMahon and Triple H to pivot from the initially planned outcome at WrestleMania 39.

Their rationale stemmed from a strategic vision: they believed that prolonging Reigns’ title reign would elevate supporting talents such as Jey Uso and Solo Sikoa while simultaneously amplifying Rhodes’ stature by delaying his championship victory for a year.

Reflecting on the aftermath of WrestleMania XL, internal sentiment within WWE indicates that the decision to alter the planned outcome was ultimately vindicated by the event’s success.

Moreover, the alignment of interests within the company, coupled with the demonstrated potential for Rhodes to ascend as a top-tier star, solidified support for the chosen narrative trajectory.

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