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Backstage Reaction To Damian Priest’s Clash At The Castle Performance

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Below are some top WWE news stories of the day, involving Damian Priest and Sami Zayn.

• Damian Priest solidified his status as the World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Drew McIntyre and retaining his title at Clash At The Castle, thanks to some timely assistance from CM Punk. WWE’s internal reaction to Priest’s standout performance has now come to light.

During the high-stakes main event between Priest and McIntyre in Scotland, a dramatic moment unfolded. As Priest attempted a high-flying move to the outside, his ankle got caught in the ropes, causing him to nearly fall on his head. This alarming incident drew gasps from the audience, but the match continued. Despite the injury scare, Priest managed to secure a victory after Punk low-blowed McIntyre.

Sean Ross Sapp, speaking on Fightful Select’s Backstage report, revealed that Priest’s performance was highly praised within WWE.

“Damian Priest got a lot of praise for his Clash at The Castle performance,” Sapp reported.

Priest’s resilience and ability to deliver under pressure have not gone unnoticed. His successful title defense, despite the in-match complications, has earned him accolades and solidified his position as a formidable champion.

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• With Triple H running the creative side of WWE now, premium live events feature less matches. Clash At The Castle 2024 in Scotland this past Saturday had 5 matches on the card.

Intercontinental Champion Sami Zayn has mixed feelings about this new Triple H policy. Here’s what he said during an interview with Sean Ross Sapp:

“I have mixed feelings on it because certainly, as a performer, if you’re not figured in, with 7 or 8 matches there is a little more real estate and a better chance of getting on. Now, even if you’re in a pretty prominent story, it still might not make (the cut). It’s not to say anything to the quality of your story or performances, but it might not be factored in if there are only 5 matches.

5 is really not a lot. It’s a quality-over-quantity mentality, which is hard to disagree with. I do think it’s been better. It makes matches that are actually on the event feel important because there are only 5. If this made the grade, it subconsciously tells the audience that this is something the company is invested in, therefore we should be invested emotionally.

There is a subconscious component to that, that I don’t think is often factored in with fans. Fans kind of know their part in the dance a little bit, and when they see, ‘Oh, this is something we’re supposed to care about,’ they care about it.”

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