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Up next is the Flag Match between 16 time WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena and Rusev. Rusev makes his way out first, followed by Cena.

The match begins and Rusev straight away goes to get the flag, but gets stopped by Cena. Rusev flattens Cena with a hard clothesline. Rusev is trying to get the flag, but Cena stops him and hits a face buster from the top rope.

Rusev comes back into the match with an Electric Chair drop. After good back and forth action, Rusev manages takes his Flag out of the pole. Now he has to put the flag back on the entrance stage. Cena nails a dropkick and Rusev’s flag goes out of the ring.

Rusev comes back to attack Cena, but Cena nails an Attitude Adjustment! Rusev fires back at Cena after some time, but Cena takes him out again with the STF.

Cena now takes his flag out of the pole, but now Rusev hits a superkick. They both are now brawling on the ramp and Rusev nails Cena with the Steel Steps.

Rusev hits a Fall Away slam on Cena on the stage.

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