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Bayley Breaks Character & Says Her Rival Is The Greatest

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The WWE’s “Pandemic Era” marked a unique period in the company’s history, characterized by empty arenas and a need for stars to inject energy into broadcasts. Amid the unusual circumstances, one of the most surreal and entertaining feuds emerged, featuring former Women’s Champion Bayley and none other than veteran commentator Michael Cole. While the era may not be remembered fondly by many, the dynamic between Bayley and Cole added a touch of humor and unpredictability to the wrestling landscape.

Injecting Spark into Empty Arenas

With the absence of the usual roaring crowd in packed arenas, WWE superstars faced the challenge of keeping the broadcasts lively. For Bayley, this meant taking an unconventional approach – she found her target in Michael Cole, unleashing her vocal prowess on the commentator during his on-air duties. The result was a series of hilarious and surreal moments that captivated audiences and became a defining feature of the Pandemic Era.

18 Months of Torment

For almost a year and a half, Bayley consistently made Cole’s life difficult, turning what could have been an awkward period into an entertaining and memorable chapter in WWE history. Whether it was playful banter or outright screaming, Bayley’s interactions with Cole provided a welcome break from the uncertainties of the pandemic.

Off-the-Cuff Antics

In a revealing interview on the Under The Ring podcast, Bayley shed light on the origins of her potshots at Michael Cole. She explained that the peculiar circumstances of the Pandemic Era led to a need to improvise and fill time creatively. Bayley admitted that her antics were often spontaneous, driven by the awkward silence in the empty arenas and the presence of the lone figure of Michael Cole. This impromptu approach added an element of unpredictability to her feud with the commentator.

“It was just a weird time. A lot of stuff was on the fly and we kind of just had to fill time. So that a lot of that just came from like, Okay, well it’s awkwardly quiet in here. There’s only one person in this arena and it’s Michael Cole so he’s getting it. It’s just random things like that that make you really think on your feet which is fun.”

Bayley breaks character and says Michael Cole is the greatest

During the podcast interview, Bayley expressed her admiration for Michael Cole and his contributions to WWE over the years. Despite the playful torment she subjected him to, she acknowledged his professionalism and labeled him as “the greatest” in his field. Recognizing the consistency and dedication Cole brought to his commentary for over 25 years, Bayley showered him with praise, emphasizing the respect she holds for his enduring legacy.

“Honestly, he’s the greatest at what he does. He has done this for what, 25 years? I can’t even imagine, and being able to be consistent with that, he did two shows every week. I get tired doing one. I will give him all his flowers and his respect and all that stuff.”

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