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Big Challenge Laid Down On Tonight’s SmackDown

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Tonight’s post-Clash At The Castle episode of WWE SmackDown in Chicago kicked off with RAW Superstar CM Punk coming out.

Punk says performing and promising something in front of your hometown crowd is pressure. He said he wonders if he can handle pressure. Punk said on July 17th 2011, he promised he would walk out of Money In The Bank in Chicago as WWE Champion and he did.

He said Drew McIntyre kicked him when he was down and that’s why he did what he did in Scotland. Punk said he wanted to bury Drew’s career six feet under and he did, but he didn’t think it would be that easy as Drew quit WWE. Punk said Drew couldn’t handle pressure.

Punk said McIntyre took his ball and went home. Paul Heyman then interrupted Punk. Heyman said despite being The Wiseman to “The Tribal Chief” Roman Reigns, CM Punk is his best friend. Heyman said he wants to talk about something and fans started a loud “We Want Roman” chant.

Heyman hugged Punk and got emotional. He said he needed that. Heyman said he heard on local radio that Chicago is CM Punk’s town and that pi$$ed off Solo Sikoa. Since Sikoa is the new Head of the Table, he wants every town to be his town. Heyman informed Punk that The Bloodline is coming to take him out.

Paul requested Punk to get the hell out of here for his own safety. Fans started “F**k You Solo” chants. Solo Sikoa, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa then came out.

Solo gave Punk two options to be on SmackDown:

1. Pay respect to him and The Bloodline.

2. Make sure he never gets cleared to wrestle ever again.

Punk asked Heyman what favor he wants from him. Heyman said: “take me with you”. Punk put his finger up in the air and insulted them by saying that the Tongas are fake a$$ Usos and Solo is a cosplay Tribal Chief.

The Bloodline were about to attack Punk, but WWE Champion Cody Rhodes entered the ring with a baseball bat, and The Bloodline retreated.

Cody said he already beat one Head of the Table, and he can beat another one. Cody challenged Sikoa to a match tonight.

WWE then made Cody Rhodes vs. Solo Sikoa official for tonight’s main event. In a backstage segment, Randy Orton and Kevin Owens questioned if facing Solo tonight is the right idea. Cody said he has a plan.

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